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the world is a book, and those who don’t travel read only a page.

home. February 1, 2008

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It was such a great experience.  Had I known how easy it would be to do, I would have done it ages ago.  People were so helpful, even when I was lost in Paris, in the dark and in the rain, I was able to find someone sympathetic and find my way.

I saw so much in the time I was there, but really only touched on a few places.  Things move much slower, and people really enjoy their food.

I will be adding pictures eventually, when I find the right cable.  But thanks to all that followed along, and until next time.


i want the burough market in minneapolis. January 29, 2008

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fresh food, a million people milling about, prepared food, it’s like a farmer’s market, and food fair in one! and it happens in january? I had the most amazing lunch, and desserts. Tate modern was really cool.

Sunday Stuart and I went out for an english breakfast, which was a sunny side up egg, a roasted tomato, a sausage, beans, potato cakes, and a grilled mushroom. odd combination to me, but very good. after breakfast we headed up to camden markets, and that was really cool. you could find almost anything there, haggle for it, find it in blue, or used, or, but anyways. I loved walking amoung all the people and all of the shops. We rode the London Eye right at sunset, and got stunning pictures, that didn’t do the actual view justice.


London and Garlic. January 26, 2008

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Yeah the two do go together, or will forever in my mind. I got in on the train yesterday afternoon, after some confusion and waiting in a queue for a metro ticket, I got to Leicester Sq and found Stuart’s office, I wandered for a bit while he finished up work, then we headed to a pub, he was set on introducing me to the wonders of english cuisine, but the first place we tried was packed, wall to wall people, and i don’t think a one was a tourist….but the voices of some of the women who were occuping the same small space we were were piercing, and commanding of attention…we had a pint then moved on in search of food. we come across a place called the garlic stop(i think…), just then the door opened and the smell of
wonderful goodness came out, and we went in.  the decor was interesting, and so was the crowd, i had blackened garlic wasabi salmon squares with spring rolls, i almost died. it was not what i had expected english food is, but i’ll get mash and fish and chips yet.

headed to the tate modern today, and overall just looking about.


london calling. January 25, 2008

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and so excited that last night may have been my last night in a hostel. i head to London today, where jesika’s friend is graciously putting me up and showing me around.  i promised him a bottle of french wine, but my bag is already too heavy so i might have to buy it there…. The chunnel should be fun, a train under the water, it’s a good thing i am not claustrophobic…

Paris has been good to me, I was able to spend the majority of my time with Leigh, a woman from LA, that was able to help me navigate the menu, i may be adventuourous with food, but no thank you to pig’s feet, and some of the others… and even in stores, the basic conversations things that everyone was saying to one another, i just seemed to miss…Paris has been the place I have heard the least english, and therefore the place i felt the most isolated.

i am excited to see the camden markets, the london eye, tate modern, and, i am excited to see advertising in english…

hunter got a fishtank! that is awesome, and really exciting. i am sure ella was just trying to help but what a lesson for both of those little ones.  i  can’t believe i have already been gone for as long as i have, it doesn’t seem that way.  i feel like i just got off the plane… but i am excited for a hot bath, some lounging on a couch, and sleeping in my big soft bed, and waking up to the sound of my alarm , not crinkling of packing plastic sacks, the brushing of teeth, and conversation.


still in Paris, but it’s winding down January 23, 2008

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yesterday i spend buying a ticket to london, and eating bread with chocolate, and walking through the jardin de luxemburg, and i found two very excellent bottles of wine to bring home.  one is a bourdeux to share with my friends, most specifically my roommate who happens to be a huge bourdeux fan and woods, who i happen to be a huge fan of, and the other is a faguieres, which i envision sharing with my dad the first time i walk into the finished cabin, because, there will be no better time to celebrate, both things will have come a long way at that point.

paris is beautiful, but really grey, the sun was out for a bit yesterday and today, and that has been the only sun here. it also rains alot, more than any other place that i have been.  i have been traveling for a little over three weeks now and i cannot tell you how excited i am to take a bath. and wash my clothes, backpackergrime seems to have set into everything i own.  next trip i am bringing dryer sheets with, for that fresh linen smell.

oh, and has anyone ever had speck? it’s like a preserved ham that reminds me of the jerky we used to get on christmas morning, i will be craving it once i get home, so, again if anyone knows where i can find it, i would love the advice.


saw versailles, now i need to see marie antoinette and amelie January 20, 2008

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it was really pretty, and even though the garden was lacking flowers, it was breathtaking.

i switched hostels and i prefer this one much more, its cheaper, the beds are more comfotable, and within walking distance od the eiffel tower.

this city is expensive but beautiful, i have to keep reminding myself to slow down, everyone just moves slower, walking, eating, talking, all of it.

going out for a good meal tonight. we saw the coolest market in versailles, there was such fresh fish, and heads were still on ducks.  but the cheese stands, and pasteries!


city of pretty lights. January 19, 2008

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and it gets warmer at night. yesterday i saw the eiffel tower at day and night, at night with a woman from l.a. and a bottle of red, we sat and watched the light show and had a good chat. 

I also went up to the Sacrè Coeur and saw the largest mosaic in the world. I traveled to the oldest dept store and visited a market that put all that i have seen before in its shadow.

today i am headed to the museè d’orsay  and switching hostels…and going out for more amazing food. I have already eaten foie gras twice, and tonight I will be eating good as well.

I booked 6 more nights in Paris and I am heading to Versailles tomorrow. Then Next Friday I am heading to London, and Jesika, I might be crashing at your friend Stuarts flat. So thanks again for putting us in touch!

I cannot wait to share some pictures and stories whose length of words is not dependent on the number of euros i threw down, to get limited time in which to figure out these keyboards…